There are 24 classrooms in the school. 12 classes in the First Tuition Block, 4 classes in the Middle block and 8 classes in the third tuition block. Islamic Religious Education, Art & Design and the Library are in the prefab wooden block.


The School has five laboratories, which are in the second tuition block: Physics Lab, Chemistry lab, Physics lab, Home-science lab and Computer lab.

The Laboratories are well equipped but there is need to establish junior and senior laboratories for each subject



The school accommodates 1300 girls from Forms I to IV. There are three hostels that were built through parents’ efforts, and which only accommodates 900 girls. The other girls sleep in the new Hostel Complex which was put up through a Ministry of Education infrastructure grant in 2015. There is however need for a new hostel to further decongest the existing ones.



Previously the school had only a flower garden. But with the introduction of 8-4-4 System, the department of Agriculture and the environmental club have had projects of developing a garden for maize, flowers, trees and other crops. Presently they are doing very well and we have had good harvests.


The Headmistress, the Deputy, Boarding mistress and 3 other teachers are the only members of staff housed in the compound while the rest of the teachers occupy privately rented houses in town and other areas. There is an urgent need for new staff houses in the compound since 800 girls are boarders.



Kisumu Girls High School is one of the two SMASE centers in the County. SMASE is an acronym for Strengthening Mathematics and Science Education. It is a program for inservicing Mathematics and Science teachers to enhance content delivery to learners. The center is fully equiped with maths and science learning resources for use by teachers and learners.


The Ministry of Education funded the establishment of the ICT resource center through the economic stumulus program (ESP). The center has 11 desktop computers, laptop, printer, projector, internet connection and LED TV. The resource center is used by students and teachers to access digital content for class work and personal revision. The resources are also used for training teachers during workshops and seminars.


The current library is small and can only accommodate 50 – 60 students at a time. There are plans to put up a new library complex consisting of special subject rooms, reading rooms, multimedia center and boardroom. The project will begin this year after the fundraiser in September


Kisumu Girls High School is located within the CBD of Kisumu City. This is both a blessing and a curse. Blessing beacause of ease of access. Curse because of the interference from the adjacent buspark and the crowded Railways Estate. These poses serious security challenges. We are in the proces of constructing a perimeter stone wall around the school to keep off intruders, minimize noise pollution and to enhance the security of the school. Howver the project has been slowed down by inadequate funds. So far only one third of the wall has been done.