The games program provides balance to the intense academic life of the school.

We do not expect all girls to be good athletes, but we encourage physical fitness and the experience of organized sports.

Students learn the importance of physical fitness through school-wide cross-country runs, as well as the value of teamwork and good sportsmanship in both individual and team sports.

Below: The 2016 swimming team

Choices within the school include: basketball, rugby, soccer, track and field, hockey, volleyball, netball, handball, swimming, table and lawn tennis. Kisumu Girls competes against other schools in all these sports.

Part of the Hand ball team 2016

The pursuit of excellence has seen individuals and teams win regional honours in almost all of them. The field hockey and netball teams were voted the best high school teams in County and Regional Competitions.

The 2016 Hockey Champions

The School

OUR SCHOOL STRUCTURE Senior Principal Mrs. Mary Akunja Deputy principal


Mrs. Mary Oruko …

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