Environmental Focuss


We seek to take a leading role towards producing Global Green Citizens; through programs that ensures that the youth, the community and leaders are well groomed in environmental management and conservation.

In Kisumu Girls, we have seen an urgent need to plant trees to avoid some of the effects of global warming like desertification.

Trees and other plants play a vital role in the balancing of CO2 and oxygen levels. Although some scientists argue that these natural sinks are not efficient at absorbing CO2 due to shortage of other nutrients, planting trees is better than doing nothing. We believe that the message is that, it is not possible to truly offset carbon emissions or become carbon neutral by planting trees only.  

The most important solution to global warming is making people “carbon conscious” so as to reduce CO2 emissions. However, it is not possible to eliminate all CO2 emissions immediately, so in the interim we saw that we can help to reduce the impact of those emissions that are unavoidable by planting trees. Planting trees solves part of the problem and has always been encouraged in line with other activities.

The groups that are concerned with the environmental conservation are:

-The Bold leaders Project - Trained by Critical Mass Leadership Education Inc.

- Save the environment club

- British council - connecting classrooms - Tinapa Kenya

- Interact Club

- International Climate Challenge club - ICC sponsored by Barclays Bank

- Wildlife Club

 A green corner; a memorial pack has been created to commemorate the efforts of the youth in championing their support towards environment conservation. They have involved many people including political leaders and influential people in the community.

Some of the leaders who have planted a tree in this park are:

Mama Ida Odinga -The wife to the Kenya’s Prime Minister;

The cultural attaché – US embassy Nairobi

Dr. Mbai Justus-  Head of Public affairs US embassy Nairobi;

8 Commissioners from Teachers service Commission

Board governors – Kisumu Girls High school

Mr. Greig whiteHead ;Programme manager – International climate challenge

Below: Students of Kisumu Girls High school 19th March 2016