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This means the freedom we should be given as children. We call it movement because the club helps many people from different parts of the country. We also call it a club because we do meet regularly to talk about how we can help the youth and children of today’s generation. The club has got fifty three (53) members out of which twelve are officials.

It all began when one of our patrons, Mrs.Ochieng’ Millicent, in the year 2005 saw how rights of the children of Nyanza province were being violated especially those from the ghetto. Since she had a lot of passion for them, she decided to start the club with other students to help the children.

The main reason why the club was formed was to help the suffering children by making their rights be known by all those around them. We had a lot of sympathy for all those whose rights were violated.

As it is said, vision without action is a daydream while action without vision is a nightmare. Our main vision is to make all children in our society feel equal by treating them equally. Our mission is to create a conducive environment for a child, that is, an African child and his or her rights be known and respected all over the country and if possible in the whole world.

The club members engage themselves in different activities such as; visiting the sick, the needy, the handicapped children and even the orphans. We also give them presents such as books, sanitary towels, foodstuffs and many others. We do play with them, make stories with them and even hold talks with them just to encourage them, tell them we do care for them and love them.

The movement has helped improve the situation in the province by helping parents and guardians know the rights of the children whom they look after in their homes, schools, orphanages and hospitals. The children also get the chance to know their rights and responsibilities.

Challenges must always come across every successful plan. Our main challenge is funds. As students we do not have much to donate but thanks to the Kenya Alliance for Advancement of Children Rights (KAACR) for the support they have given us by funding us where we are not able to donate enough money and the education they have given us on the rights and responsibilities of children. Another challenge is the chance of visiting the children since most of our time is spend in school. Lastly, we get discouraged by our friends. They say we spend a lot of money on people we do not know.

Our hope is that one day the world will come to realize the rights of the children and their responsibilities as we make more effort to tell everyone we are able to reach.        

Science Club

The science club is one of the most vibrant clubs in the school. The Patron, Mr Dan Omolo says that the major objective of the club is to promote creativity and innovation amongst the girls. The science club also promotes STEM, the emphasis on teaching science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The club actively participates in the annual science and engineering fair upto the national level. One of our recent innovations include a rice husk cooker, Fruit ripener and GSM based home automation.




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