The word journalism means work of collecting and writing news stories for magazines, newspapers, radios, and televisions. A person who does this work is called a journalist or in other terms a journo. Journalists collect facts that make up news, interpret them for the audience and put them into form of publication. Good journalism informs, analyses and shapes opinion. Due to the enormous influence it exerts on the lives of people, journalism is also referred to as “THE FOURTH ESTATE”. Journalism is mainly categorized in two main parts which include -Print media- Print is to produce letters and pictures on papers using a machine that puts ink on the surface. Its main contents are newspapers, magazines and journals.-Broadcast- This is sending out programs on televisions and radios. Its contents are only radios and televisions. A person who works in the field of broadcasting is called a BROADCASTER. The recent entry of the internet has made the whole profession more interesting. The field however large it may be needs some personal skills and qualities which include; creativity, passion for writing, computer skills, confidence, accuracy,

Curiosity, good judgment, be good with people, attention to details, tact and team work, flair for expressing ideas clearly, self motivation and perseverance, ability to work under pressure, planning ability and flexibility. There are also essential subjects that must be done in order to study the profession ; Languages like English, Kiswahili, French and German, Mathematics, any science like Biology, Chemistry, Physics, any humanity like History, Geography, or Religion, and a technical subject like Home science, Business studies, Art, Agriculture and Computer.

This clearly shows that all subjects are important in the field of journalism. There are many areas of employment like News papers, News Agencies, Regional press Bureau of International papers, Ministry of Informal and Broadcasting, Press Sections of Public and Private sector Companies, Free-lance journalists, Government and Private Televisions and Radio Network. The career prospects in PRINT MEDIA are; Editorial Directors, Editors, Managing Editor, Copy Editors, Assignment Editors, Editors, Non-Fiction WRITERS, Copy writers, Creative writers, Newsletter writers, Science and Medical writers, Travel writers, Investigative writers, Feature writers, Columnists or Specialized writers, General Assignment writers, Free-lance writers, Translators, Photo journalists, News correspondence and reporters.

The career prospects in BROADCAST are; Broadcast Station Manager, News Director, News caster, News writer, Technical director, Film Editor, Television presenters, Traffic/Continuity Specialists, Talk show Hosts, Script writer, Media Interviewer,, Disc Jockeys(DJs), Film/Tape Librarian and Advertising Sales Executive.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  JOURNALISM CLUB MEMBERS.

Our club consists of 39 members who are all focused with the aim of all becoming future JOURNALISTS in our country. With the many ambitious girls who all want to fight for the rights of the PRESS we work all as a team. We are making our skills perfect by writing reports while in school to prepare us for the competitive job that is to become good JOURNALISTS.  We have 3 patrons who also help us.