Challenges facing the school

The upgrade of KGHS to a national school posed new challenges due to inadequate infrastructure. The most urgent is the need to construct four additional classes to cater for the sixth stream in all the four forms.

The School also has an urgent need of a larger Library to accommodate the 1300 girls. Besides that, the perimeter wall project is only partially done due to inadequate funds.

There is need for new staff houses in the compound since ONLY EIGHT out of the 64 are housed within the school.

Below: An ongoing construction project in the school


Ways of making donations

Donors may endow one or more school places by:

o       Making a personal donation

o       Asking the company that you work for to make such a donation

o       Making a donation through a Trust or Charitable Fund (personal or corporate)

o       Leaving a bequest to Kisumu Girls (i.e. a legacy)

o       Making a gift of property

o       Making a gift of shares


How your donation may be recognized

A range of opportunities for recognition are available, depending on the level of donation made, and will be negotiated on an individual, tailor-made basis with each donor. This may include:

1.      The opportunity to have a full endowment to be named after the donor and feature on a specially prepared honours board at Kisumu Girls. A group name will be entered where donors have joined together to endow a place.

2.      The opportunity of knowing the name and details of whichever girl is benefiting from the endowed place at any time. If desired, the donor may meet or correspond with the current

3.      Beneficiary. Again, where donors have joined together to endow a place, one representative may be nominated as the correspondent.

4.      A special reception to thank major donors.


A framed ’thank you’ certificate. These certificates may be signed and presented by the Chairman, Kisumu girls High School Endowment committee or invited distinguished guest.